Aldergrove Duty Free Shop | American Allowances
Customs allowances for Americans returning to the USA. Save on liquor, fragrances & cosmetics.
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Returning to the US after less than 24 hours

150ml  of alcoholic beverages
Amounts over this allowance subject to small duties, approx:
$2–$3 US per bottle of liquor
$2 US per case of beer

Subject to duties and taxes

$200 USD per person

Duration of Stay in Canada 24-48 hours

150mL of alcoholic beverages

50 Cigarettes
100 Cigars

$200 USD per person

Duration of Stay in Canada over 48 Hours

1L of alcoholic beverages or

24 pack of beer, tax & duty free

200 Cigarettes (1 carton)
100 Cigars

up to $800 USD per person
(monthly exemption – family members can combine their $800 per person monthly import privileges)