Aldergrove Duty Free Shop | Duty & Tax Free Alcohol at Aldergrove Duty Free Shop.
Save on BC & WA liquor prices plus pay no duty or tax on alcohol at Aldergrove Duty Free Shop.
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24 pack
Our Price: $32
BC Liquor Store: $47.49-24 pack...

Our Price: $36 CDN
WA Costco: $43 USD...

1 Litre
Our Price: $42.00
BC Liquor Store 1.14: $81.64 tax included...

Duty Free Alcohol Products

Shop the top shelf brands and Duty Free exclusive spirits at a fraction of the cost. We have a spectacular selection of single malt Scotch and other specialty bottles.


We also carry an assortment of wine, beer, and tobacco products.


You can purchase alcohol any time you cross the border for your use while in the USA. You can purchase from us and bring back your allowance duty & tax free after 48 hours.